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Free baby knitting pattern MIO, 
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Free baby knitting pattern. 
MIO is the first baby set to my grandson, wonderful little Mio.
When I became grandmother to a beautiful baby boy named Mio at Christmas time last year I knitted a baby set for him with a jacket, hat and socks. This set I have called "MIO"! It is the same model as doll pattern 0058D MIO (Baby pattern MIO is without the doll pattern's pair of pants.) 

At first I want to share this exclusive pattern with you. My daughter has received many nice comments from many people who think these clothes are unique and lovely, so I think this might be a nice start for this baby knitting website. View more pictures of MIO in the Photo Gallery 


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gratis-baby-strikkeoppskrifter Maalfrid's original doll design 0058D MIO in grey gratis-baby-strikkeoppskrifter
CARDIGAN, CAP, BONNET AND SOCKS gratis-baby-strikkeoppskrifter

Little Sophia dressed in MIO knitted in pink


Free Baby Knitting Pattern