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Knitting for little babies is closest to my heart. 
Welcome to my baby knitting patterns website. I thank you so much for the great interest and the response you have shown me in connection with the patterns that we have available on our  doll knitting pattern website. It is very nice with so much positive and kind feedback. It feels good and I want to continue to create new designs for both dolls and children. During these years since my first knitting book was published, my... read more from Målfrid here 

Målfrid's doll knitting patterns upsized to baby knitting patterns size, 0 - 24 month
Here at the baby knitting site, Målfrid will publish selected doll clothes designs from her doll pattern knitting site, upscaled to baby sizes. Thus her widely popular www.doll knitting has been given a "twin" website.

The baby knitting patterns designs at this site are identical to her doll knitting patterns designs, however since the patterns should be well adapted to a baby's body, there will be minor design changes. 

NB! For patterns 001B through 006B, the models are knitted in baby size, the clothes appear on babies shown on photos.
However, from pattern 007B we will refer to photographs of the same pattern shown on dolls. These photos are very detailed and will give you a good impression of the different models

Now, go and thet the lovely pattern MIO for free! 


Design MIO is a pattern that Målfrid created for her little grandson Mio (picture to the left.) This pattern became special to her and she wants to make it available for free for everyone that wish to knit it. MIO is knitted with a pattern with little "buds" and easy to knit. Subscribe our free Newsletter here and download Målfrid's first knitting pattern for babies for free. As a subscriber of the Newsletter you will get information and special offers when we publish a new pattern. 

We use photos from the doll knitting pattern site to show details of the baby knitting models here
Since the doll patterns and the baby patterns are identical, we will use photos from the doll knitting site to show the knitted baby clothes and their details. To tell a secret; a doll is usually a bit more cooperative during a photo session than a baby:) however we will show some real baby live photos too. As example on how we will use the pictures from the doll knitting patterns site view the MIO pattern page here 

Målfrid's knitting adventure 

Målfrid is inspired by her grandchildren Mio (above) and Kaja, Tiril and Fredrik (to the left). For a long time Målfrid was a doll knitting celebrity in Norway, now her web site for doll patterns gets more than 20 000 visitors each month, they come from 150 countries.Tens of thousands of the pictures are spread all over the world wide web.

She is the author of five books filled with lovely doll knitting patterns, view the first four here. Every design and creation comes from her heart. These books are written only in Scandinavian languages, the next doll knitting book will be written i English and published in 2018.

Målfrid tells more about herself her at Målfrid’s corner 

Baby knitting patterns