Free Baby Knitting Pattern

Lovely doll knitting pattern 0058D MIO
upsized to baby knitting pattern size
Design: Målfrid Gausel

Målfrid Gausel's doll knitting pattern design 0058D MIO now upsized to this baby design 0000B-1 MIO - 
SWEATER, HAT for a little BOY, BONNET for a little GIRL and SOCKS (NB! without the pair of pants) (A pdf downloadable baby knitting pattern) 

Målfrid has made the 0058D MIO knitting pattern for dolls in baby size, and you get this baby knitting pattern for free. The reason? Recently Maalfrid became grandma to little MIO. Congratulations! Then she designed and knitted this special pattern and named it MIO. It was her first knitted oufit to her little grandson.

Maalfrid want this special design to become available for everyone that want to knit pattern MIO to one or more of their young friends. Almost ten thousand knitters have downloaded the free doll pattern ANNE, hopefully the free baby pattern MIO will be just as popular.

At first Målfrid designed the original 0058D MIO for 18" dolls. Now she has upsized it to Baby sizes, 

MIO doll pattern is the basis for this baby pattern
strikkeoppskrifter baby gratisLittle MIO dresses in his new clothes

Målfrid wants this particular design to be available for anyone who wants to knit pattern MIO to a little friend More than 15,000 knitters have downloaded the free doll pattern Anne, hopefully free baby knitting pattern MIO becomes as posular.

gratis strikkeoppskrifter til babyComplete set of MIO for a boy knitted in green

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gratis baby strikkeoppskrifterLittle Sofia is gorgeous in MIO knitted pink

You man take a look at the 0058D MIO doll pattern details , here. (Baby pattern without pants)

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    Knit free baby clothes in beige / white or pink 
Model 0001B MIO Great outfit in beige and white (boy) and pink (girl)

baby strikkeoppskrifter gratis
baby strikkeoppskrifter gratis
strikkeoppskrifter sokker baby gratis
baby strikkeoppskrifter gratis

Free baby knitting pattern