Crafting Joy for Little Ones
Our Baby Knitting Pattern Site

Meet Målfrid, Our Designer
Greetings from the breathtaking southwestern coast of Norway, nestled near the charming town of Stavanger. Surrounded by Norway's natural beauty, I find endless inspiration for my knitting creations. Exploring the Norwegian countryside, especially its majestic mountains, is a cherished pastime of mine. Additionally, I have a passion for traveling and discovering the wonders of foreign lands.

A Labor of Love for Baby Knits
Knitting for precious little ones holds a special place in my heart. I extend a warm welcome to my new website, dedicated to sharing my collection of baby knitting patterns with you. Your overwhelming interest and positive feedback on our doll knitting pattern website have been truly heartening. It motivates me to continue designing new patterns, not only for dolls but also for children.

Over the years, many have inquired why I hadn't ventured into creating garments for babies and toddlers. This inspired me to embark on a journey to fulfill this heartfelt request. Finally, in 2011, we proudly presented a free pattern for those eager to knit for the littlest members of our families. Knitting for babies has always been my greatest passion!

Crafting with Care
There's immense joy in crafting small garments in vibrant hues, using luxurious materials like fine merino wool or delicate cotton. Ensuring the utmost softness and comfort is paramount in every piece I create. Thin yarns not only result in finer stitches but also contribute to the exquisite feel of the finished garments. After all, our little ones deserve nothing but the best.

Warm regards,

Discover more about Målfrid here.

Behind the Scenes: Meet Kjell Ramstad
As the driving force behind the scenes, my role encompasses a diverse range of tasks essential to the smooth operation of our platform. From capturing captivating photos to meticulously publishing patterns, managing our web building system, and coordinating with Payloadz for our online shop and PayPal for banking, I ensure every aspect of our site runs seamlessly. Additionally, I handle newsletter distribution and troubleshoot any technical hiccups that may arise. It's a genuine pleasure to collaborate with Målfrid in sharing her exquisite patterns with the world.

Warm regards, Kjell Ramstad