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Here you will find Målfrid’s entire baby knitting patterns gathered in a table (below). The patterns are up scaled from a selection of her popular doll knitting patterns. That way you now can enjoy dressing your baby and your doll with similar clothes.

Our first baby knitting pattern got published November 2012; however, we look forward to showing you more lovely patterns.

You are a mom, who enjoys knitting lovely clothes to your baby, or you are a grandma or a friend, or you are knitting for charity. Anyway, we hope you will like Målfrid's baby knitting patterns, and that you will find a pattern that fit to your special baby, have fun when knitting it, and feeling the pleasure and pride in the finished result, a beautiful baby dressed in lovely baby clothes.

View detailed pictures in the photo gallery
Each baby knitting pattern has its own special page where you can view more (detailed) pictures of the finished knitted garments. You may find it helpful when you knit. You get to the product page by clicking on the images in the table below.

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Immediately after you have completed the payment process you will get a page with a link to download the pdf file with the knitting pattern ... (continued up to the right)

Click the images below and view more photos in the Photo Gallery.


Baby Blanket 
Baby blanket knitted
in pink         
(Click on the picture and view more pictures) 
US $8,25

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Knit Baby Socks

with 4 different baby sock patterns

(Click on the picture and view more pictures)

Model 0002B FELIX baby sock knitting patterns

US $9.65

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Cardigan, Romper, Bonnet, and Baby Socks
Gorgeous Baby Dress Knitting Pattern
Click the images to the right and view more photos in the Photo Gallery. 

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0003B LYKKE to Cart. 
US $9,25

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Cardigan, Romper, Bonnet and Socks 
Gorgeous baby knitting pattern

(Click on the picture to view more and bigger picture in the photo gallery) US $8,95

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Cardigan, Pants, Bonnet for girl/Cap for boy and Socks Gorgeous Baby Knitting Patterns (Click on the picture and view more pictures) US $8,95

baby cardigan knitting pattern

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Baby dress, Cap for the little boy, Cap (Bonnet) for a little girl and Socks
Lovely baby knitting patterns online (Click on the picture and view more pictures) US $8,95

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