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Modell 05B ISABELL og ISAK - Cardigan, Pants, Bonnet for girl
Cap for boy and Socks

Sizes: 0–3 months (3–6 months) 6–9 months

Baby knitting patterns designed by Målfrid Gausel

This pattern is upsized from one of the patterns on my site, www.doll-knitting-patterns.com, 0032D- Isabell and Isak, where you can see photos of many details with the doll version that might help when knitting the baby version.

This pattern is straightforward to knit.  I have used DBL moss stitch for the edges and small triangles in DBL moss sts and liked this very well for these clothes when they were finished.  This time, I decided to knit the clothes in light blue. It's a lovely color for a baby.  However, you can choose

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the color you prefer, and I am sure your baby will be lovely dressed in these clothes in any color. 

I have knitted the cardigan from the top.  I start casting on sts for the neckline and increase in raglan until I have the needed sts.  Then, I continue knitting the sleeves and the body separately. The nice thing is that we have no seams.  The cardigan is lovely ... 

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 ... for the baby to wear.  All edges are knitted in DBL moss sts, and with these small triangles in DBL moss sts, I think the cardigan is lovely for the baby.  As you will see, the pants are knitted a little differently. It has suspenders (braces) buttoned around the waist. The cap has a “big” tassel (See picture) and fits nicely on the baby.  You will also find a bonnet for a little girl baby here.

The socks are long along the legs and sit well on the legs.

The baby looks lovely in these baby clothes!

I hope you do, too. 

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Would you enjoy knitting these adorable garments for your baby? If you have a little girl who delights in playing with dolls, you can easily find the pattern for doll clothing on the doll website

Good luck! 
Regards the Baby Pattern Knitting TEAM

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05B ISABELL og ISAKCardigan, Pants, Bonnet for girl/Cap for boy and Socks
Sizes: 0–3 months (3–6 months) 6–9 months

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